Toro has introduced its newest Drill Rig ready for delivery to YOUR jobsite


Southern Drill Supply Specail

First 10 Demos of the DD2226 will receive a $500.00 Store Credit.

Every Drill Purchase receives a $5,000.00 Store Credit

SmartTouch Control Mode

The SmartTouch® feature streamlines pipe handling by allowing the operator to advance through the pipe handling process with a touch of a button on the joystick. It’s designed to be easier for both new and experienced operators to learn. In addition, using SmartTouch allows operators to reduce the pipe loading cycle times, thereby increasing overall productivity.

Productivity Focused

Carriage travels at 185 fpm in high speed to minimize cycle times and maximize productivity.

Performance You Can Count On

72hp Yanmar ® 3.3L engine delivers the power you need without requiring diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), saving you time and money.

Smooth Operation

Quad-pinion carriage traveling on a dual sided rack spreads the carriage load evenly and ensures longlasting smooth and stable carriage movement.

Compact Footprint

Powerful Performance in a Compact Footprint: 22,000 lb of consistent thrust and pullback and 2,600 lb-ft of torque

Easy to Service

Singe-piece front and rear hoods provide easy and unobstructed access to the main engine compartment for fast and efficient service and maintenance.

You’re In Control

Choose to use single or dual joysticks for operation, and change from single to dual joystick control at any time during the bore. Plus, easy display navigation allows the operator to move quickly from operating, service, settings and diagnostic screens using a single navigation ribbon.

Safe and Secure

Standard on-board safety features include a ZapAlert™ voltage detection system as well as an Exit Site Lockout remote to ensure the drill is disabled when crew members need to be in the exit pit.

Superior Traction

Forward-mounted track drive motors with planetary gear reduction provide superior traction in all types of ground conditions.

Faster Connections and Breakouts

Heavy-duty open-top wrenches provide excellent visibility of the tool joint.

Equipped for Hard Rock Conditions

Air hammers are easily integrated, allowing the operator to control all air hammer functions and monitor performance through the main drill display.