Repair Process


When you drop off your equipment for repair we will collect a deposit. Our trained mechanics will diagnose the issue and make the necessary repairs. If requested, we can give you a call prior to making any repairs. If you decide to proceed with the repair, the deposit will be applied towards the cost of the repair and any remaining balance will be due at the time of pick up. If you decline the repair, the deposit will be applied towards our mechanic’s time to diagnose the issue and the service manager’s time to provide an estimate for labor and parts.


Equipment Deposit Estimate Fee
Push Mowers (decks 22″ or less) and
Handheld equipment
$50 $50
All other equipment $100 $100



If your mower or equipment doesn’t run, a tune-up typically will resolve the issue. For tune-up costs, please click here.


Labor Rate

Our mechanics are trained and certified. Each year they participate in schooling from our manufacturers. Our experienced mechanic’s labor rate is $95 per hour.


Pick-up and Delivery

To offer pick-up and delivery service, we have invested on two vehicles (one flatbed truck and one pick-up truck) and a trailer. Each vehicle is registered, licensed, insured, and properly maintained. We also insure mature, responsible adults drive our vehicles.


We can pickup or deliver multiple units on the same trip.


Distance One-way Trip Round Trip
Less than 10 miles $65 $100
Less than 20 miles $85 $100
More than 25 miles Call for pricing Call for pricing