HDD Supplies1

Delivering the best in Horizontal Directional Drilling equipment to the entire Southeast! Southern Drill Supply provides you with the equipment and supplies needed to bore it right the first time. From delivering mud to machine we are your one stop HDD shop.

  • Universal Horizontal Directional Drilling Machines
  • Starter rods, sonde housings, reamers, swivels, pulling heads and grips, shackles & more
  • DCI – Locators, remotes & sondes
  • Forged drill rods
  • Kem-Tron mud recyclers & supplies
  • Ring-O-Matic Vacs and Hydroexcavation equipment and parts
  • Copper grease, marking paint, duct tape, batteries
  • Rig & pump parts – chains, pump packing, teeth, brake dies, etc.
  • BOR-IT Horizontal Augers
  • Triple D Reamers and Swivels